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Epic Glass Services

Whatever your project's nature, we will provide the solution appropriate to your residence or place of business concerning your schedule and budget. Our professionals offer quality craftsmanship, dedication to every customer, passion for this industry, and deep knowledge of custom designs for every service we offer. So, whatever Glass Service project you are looking to tackle, let us help you out. For more information about our services, contact us at Epic Glass Service today!




Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement 

Foggy, etched or broken glass panels can be replaced in most doors and windows. Avoid replacing the entire unit

and replace the glass.

Call or stop in to talk with one of experts.

Broken Glass
Glass Tabels and Shelving
Glass Shelving

Glass Tables and Shelving

Are you in need of table tops and glass shelves? Our expert servicemen are just who you are looking for!


Here is an example of what we could do for you.



Add light and dimension to any space with custom mirrors. Epic Glass Service provides expertly crafted, custom fit solutions for your residential and commercial mirror and glass needs

Contact us today for your new mirror!

Modern Bathroom
Rescreening Windows
Window Screen

Rescreening Windows

Are you in need of new window and door screens? Accidents happen, and screens tear easy! Let our experts take care of any old or torn screening in your home.

Contact us today for old faded or torn rescreening services.

Storm Doors

Epic Glass installs Andersen Storm Doors so have one of our technicians come out and install a storm door for your home.

Contact us today for any questions!

storm door
Storm Doors
Custom Shower Doors
Shower Door

Custom Shower Doors

Epic Glass specializes in custom shower doors and Euro style shower doors. We can help you select the door that best fits your needs, preferences, and budget, offering a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. In addition, our expert technicians will make sure that your door fits securely into its frame so that you can count on it to function correctly for many years to come. For more information about our custom shower doors, contact us at Epic Glass Service today!

  • Frameless Shower Doors

  • Sliding Shower Doors

  • Custom Shower Doors

  • Grid Showers

Insulated Glass Replacement

Insulated Glass Replacement

When insulated units appear to have a haze or water between the panes of glass, this is indicative of a seal failure in your glass unit. When the seal fails it allows moisture to enter the units which will create a "greenhouse effect" of evaporation and condensation and will eventually oxidize the glass turning it milky.


Epic Glass will come out and take measurements to replace the unit and make it look like it never happened.

Insulated Glass window
Security Boss Pet Door

Pet Doors

Pet doors work just as well with glass doors as they do with other kinds! Most pet doors reduce the width of your sliding door and prevent you from using it, Epic Glass provides and installs weathertight Security Boss pet doors designed specifically to allow you to open and close your sliding door with no issue.

Contact us today for your new pet door!

Pet Doors

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